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About us

Capitalizing on the dynamic changes in the healthcare sector as well as the exponential growth of its clinical trial special services, The Net Holding established Net Critical to service this highly demanding niche.

Net Critical is a specialized courier company operating in the MENA region, which provides premium clinical trial logistics services and Air Craft On Ground - AOG logistics. Net Critical specializes in cold chain management, time-critical handling and transportation, temperature-controlled storage and distribution, specialized packaging, and customs brokerage services.


Besides being compliant with the highest professional standards of service quality and Air Freight, IATA – ISO 9001-2015 - ISO 10002-2014, Net Critical is also committed to a zero tolerance policy against any violation or corruption offense. As such our operations are subject to stringent compliance and ethical practices that guarantee sustainable values and long-term success.

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We work in close partnership with government authorities against bribery and corruption to meet the most rigorous security and compliance requirements thus providing accounting transparency and preventing bribery of foreign officials.
Guaranteeing safety, security, and peace of mind to clients throughout the supply-chain process is our prime concern; to that effect we ensure that all our employees abide by the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct and that our selected suppliers share the same code of conduct in their corporate culture.

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Anti-Corruption Compliance policy document


Our logistics network provides the most comprehensive transportation solutions in the MENA region.

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