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Health, innovation and dedication are the DNA of our logistic services.

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Temperature & Time Control

Providing cold chain management for temperature sensitive healthcare and pharmaceutical products is essential as they are highly impacted by changes in their immediate environment. Pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain members need to safeguard the quality and potency of their products in order to ensure patient safety. Net Critical operates a fleet of modern temperature-controlled courier vehicles to serve the critical requirements of the industry. It provides its healthcare and pharmaceutical partners specialized temperature-controlled, personalized, and flexible logistics services through the complete chain.

Controlled Ambient

The complex nature of pharmaceutical products requires special storage and transport conditions in order to preserve the life and potency of these products. To that effect Net Critical provides temperature-controlled ambient courier services throughout the MENA region.

State-of-the-art data loggers provide detailed documentation of temperature with accurate dates, time, and specific identification. All documented history is safely stored off-site for further authentication and equipment calibration thus ensuring internal control system effectiveness.

Refrigerated Transport

Net Critical provides leading temperature-controlled refrigerated courier and transport solutions for environmentally sensitive products ensuring same or next day delivery.

State-of-the-art data loggers provide detailed documentation of temperature and humidity conditions with accurate dates, time, and specific identification. All documented history is safely stored off-site for further authentication and equipment calibration thus ensuring internal control system effectiveness.

Frozen Service

Net Critical provides temperature-controlled frozen courier services for pharmaceutical, medical and biological substances ensuring same or next day delivery to safeguard the quality of these environmentally sensitive products.

All documented history of temperature and humidity conditions with accurate dates, time, and specific identification is safely stored off-site for further authentication and equipment calibration thus ensuring, through our state-of-the-art data logger, internal control system effectiveness.

When frozen courier services are not sufficient to deliver the optimal transportation conditions, Net Critical provides Dry Ice courier solutions for highly sensitive products requiring critical temperature levels all throughout the MENA region. We can also offer Dry Ice replenishment when needed.

Net Critical’s vehicles are equipped with the latest temperature monitoring technology guaranteeing that the optimal transportation temperature of products in dry ice containers and the vehicle itself are maintained throughout the delivery thus ensuring that goods reach their final destination without being compromised.

Net Critical’s advanced tracking system enables real-time tracking of the goods’ route through GPS location as well as remote temperature verification and logging.

Liquid Nitrogen

Net Critical provides Liquid Nitrogen transportation for highly sensitive items. It is used to store cells, sperms, etc., and maintain product stability.

Net Critical’s highly trained couriers are fully certified in handling chemical gases and liquids and operate a special fleet which is equipped with emergency spill kits in the event of any emergency.

Global project management

Net Critical’s expert project management team has an extensive understanding of all clinical trial processes and is dedicated to leveraging its QMS in order to provide the most suitable product environment and mode of transportation in order that preserve the product’s integrity and optimize customers’ satisfaction.

From strategic planning, to day-to-day activities, comprehensive documentation, and effective communication, it ensures compliance with international regulations and the highest quality standards of operations.

The team makes sure to provide on sample packaging at clinical sites, updated follow up tracking, required kits, and kit components; all of which impact sample integrity for downstream analysis.

Transportation management

Net Critical offers comprehensive transportation solutions for a wide spectrum of goods and products ranging from biologics, such as serums and vaccines, to clinical research samples, aircraft on ground replacement parts and animals.

With over 20 years of experience in the supply chain management industry, Net Critical capitalizes on its global expertise in freight and logistics management to deliver efficient transportation management services that are tailored to the critical requirements of its clients.

Whatever the nature of your shipment and wherever you are shipping it, Net Critical provides all-round management and support for all your supply chain transportation needs including customs and regulatory guidance, distribution facilities, global quality assurance support, and real-time tracking across the supply chain.

Priority services

For time and temperature-sensitive clinical products Net Critical provides priority service solutions tailored to the shipment’s requirements and unparalleled chain temperature control.

Whether shipments are hand carried via On-Board Courier Services, or sent by Next Flight Out or Air Charter, Net Critical understands local rules and regulations and diligently works to guarantee a safe, timely, and cost-effective delivery that does not compromise the shipments’ integrity. All shipments are handled individually with the utmost care and closely monitored during transit for real-time status updates.

Air Charter services

Net Critical provides air charter services for oversized cargos, emergency/urgent shipments as well as DG and hazardous shipments that are in full compliance with the most stringent regulations and highest quality standards.

Net Critical’s team has special access to airports that are not serviced by commercial airlines or not the primary destination of direct flights which enables a timely delivery of critical and time-sensitive shipments all around the world.


Next flight out

Net Critical’s extensive network ramifications with the region’s major airlines and its strong knowledge of local customs and procedures enables you to ship to and from anywhere in the world whilst significantly reducing the transit time of urgent long distance shipments and avoiding unnecessary delays.

Net Critical delivers next flight out solutions with unprecedented access to optimal routes catered to each client’s individual requirements ensuring an expedited shipping of time-sensitive packages such as AOG parts, pharmaceuticals, medical and biologics samples, and parcels.

Each shipment is managed individually by a specialized team with an extensive expertise in temperature-control logistics to ensure an uncompromised chain of custody for your cold chain products. Moreover, our operations team uses the most advanced technologies to communicate with all partners across the supply chain to track and monitor the shipments’ handling in order to ensure an efficient delivery and provide you with real-time status updates.

Hand Carry/On Board Courier

Net Critical runs a global network of “on board couriers” (OBC) that operates on a 24/7/365 basis thus guaranteeing a safer and faster delivery of your international shipments.

For your critical shipments, members of our dedicated OBC team will take the next scheduled flight to personally deliver by hand your goods to their required destination. They will also handle all custom clearance matters and directly liaise with our office to provide you with real time updates on your shipment status.


Net Critical partners with premium packaging manufacturers to deliver high quality certified and pre-qualified cold-chain packaging solutions as well as bulk shipping containers globally.

Net Critical’s packaging solutions include a full range of active, semi-active and passive thermo-regulated packaging systems, which ensures that the temperature of products, in transit or in storage, remains within appropriate ranges at all times.

For clinical trial products, Net Critical provides a wide variety of single use and reusable shippers along with their pertinent refrigerant, for frozen, refrigerated and ambient samples.

Temperature and environment control being critical to the stability of shipped products, such as pharmaceuticals, blood, biologics and tissue samples, Net Critical exerts the utmost consciousness and attentiveness in selecting the most appropriate shipping method and temperature control medium.

Net Critical’s packaging solutions encompass a wide range of temperature requirements:

  • 15-25°C Controlled Ambient

  • 2-8°C Refrigerated

  • -20°C & -79°C Frozen

  • -180°C Deep Frozen Liquid Nitrogen Vapour Shippers

Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP)

Due to their superior isolating properties which are ideal for long distance shipping and environment sensitive products, Vacuum Insulated Panels are considered to be one of the safest cold chain solutions. VIP packaging is suitable for a wide spectrum of temperatures ranging from:

  • +2°C to 8°C

  • -25°C to -15°C

  • +15°C to +25°C

Polyurethane (PUR)

PUR packaging offers higher quality insulating value even under extreme temperatures, +2°C to +8°C. PUR is particularly effective when used in conjunction with Phase Change Material (PCM) Gel Packs in a validated pack-out structure.

With substantially higher insulating properties than EPS and better shock protection thanks to corrugated inner and outer walls, PUR packaging offers a superior performance under moderate and extreme temperatures as well as during long distance shipping.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Mostly used for Dry Ice and short-range refrigerated shipments (between 24 and 48 hours), EPS constitutes the ideal solution for safe and cost-effective delivery.
Foam-only and foam-in-corrugated stock containers have different wall thicknesses depending on the shipping duration, for instance thin walls are used for shipments that last up to 24 hours whereas thick walls are used for shipments of over 48 hours.

Cryogenic packaging

Net Critical delivers customized cryogenic packaging solutions for various industries such as biotech, pharmacology, space technologies and tissue banks.

Our aluminium ribbed cryogenic shippers are compliant with IATA regulations and designed to safely transport their contents at cryogenic temperatures, of approximately -190C. They can hold volumes ranging from 3 to 8L and can also be equipped with a variety of additional storage accessories.


For the transportation of temperature-sensitive products, such as vaccines and insulin, Net Critical can handle EASA and FAA approved Envirotainer’s air cargo containers, which secure the appropriate temperature-controlled conditions for all shipped material.

Envirotainer’s containers support various temperature ranges to befit all your shipping requirements:

  • +2 to +8°C (+36 to +46°F)

  • +15 to +25°C (+59 to +77°F) “Controlled room temperature”

  • >-20°C (-4°F)

Valued added services


Net Critical acknowledges the complexities of multiple compliance regulations across the MENA region and leverages on its long-standing expertise in cold chain compliance and its local knowledge to streamline its clients supply chain all whilst identifying cost saving opportunities.

Our logistics team stays abreast of all updates and amendments regarding import, export and customs regulations, processes and tariffs in order to provide you with the pre-shipment and export compliance services and the trade assistance that meet your business requirements.

Our TRACE certification further enforces our stringent corporate ethics and ensures the sustainability of our operations through unlimited access to the global Workshops regularly hosted for compliance professionals.


Our Compliance services ensure regulatory compliance while mitigating supply chain disruptions and identifying cost savings opportunities for our customers.

Our in-country logistics professionals remain up to date on regulations so that we can provide the services you need to effectively navigate the complex world of cold chain with pre-shipment and export compliance services and trade assistance.

Our TRACE certification further enforces our strict corporate values as it requires ongoing due diligence reviews and gives access to continuous Workshops, hosted regularly around the world for compliance professionals.

Customs Brokerage and consultancy

We will execute all formalities governing the entry of foreign goods into the destination territory as required by the destination’s customs and excise authorities.

White Glove Services

Net Critical understands your needs and concerns when it comes to the safe and timely pickup and delivery of your shipment. With NC white glove services, also called “last mile” services, you can be certain that your order will receive the utmost care and security every step of the way.

Key benefits include:

  • Scheduled pickup time and location

  • Specially trained and authorized NC handler as well as specialty packaging for safe transport

  • Complete security

  • Full visibility and monitoring with NC tracking system

  • Hand delivery to specified customer representative

  • Pickup and delivery verification

  • Sample manifest verification

  • In lab assistance with sample inventory and packaging

Live animal

We offer Next Flight Out (NFO) and Expedited Courier Services for worldwide pet and animal shipping.

Net Critical provides the time critical requirements as well as the temperature controlled and sanitized environment which make for a fast, safe, customized and comfortable journey from pick-up to delivery.

In addition to providing all the required travel documents, NC professional supplies vaccination information and veterinary services. To make the journey easier, animals can spend the night safely and comfortably at a nearby animal hotel. Experienced pet transport specialists accompany the animals during their itinerary and ensure that they get everything they need.

The containers in which we transport your animals are in full compliance with the IATA standards.



TNC supplies:

  • Packaging: Frozen (+2°C +8 °C)

  • Ambient packaging

  • Refrigerated packages

  • Dry Ice

  • MOF License and study registrations

  • Absorbent tissues

  • Bio-bags

  • Data loggers

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