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If you are a frequent shipper, My NC is your go-to and all-in-one web-based portal. We offer a simple and easily accessiblee web-based solution for your freight business activities.

Regardless of your shipping terms and conditions, My NC offers a user-friendly, fast, free and secure web solution allowing you to manage all your imports, exports and clearance operations.

Request for quotations

Net Critical has developed a Request For Quotation form that makes it easy to get the rate information for all your logistics requirements. Upon the submission of your request, our dedicated team of customer service representatives will be on hand to provide you with the necessary support at the shortest notice.

Quotation approval and booking

My Net Critical enables you to directly approve quotations online and book the related jobs. The portal also provides visibility on all ongoing projects as well as the history of past projects. Detailed event notifications for each job can also be accessed round the clock.

Track shipments

Through our web-based solution, you remain on track and have complete visibility on the evolution of your activities throughout the supply chain. My NC makes tracking simple by sending personalized automatic notifications.

Register claims

To improve our clients’ experience and enhance customer loyalty, we have created a new online system that allows you to easily report your claim. Once you submit a claim, you will receive a reference number allowing you to track its progress with our dedicated resolution team.

Temperature Control

Our precision temperature data logger monitors let you track and collect valuable data about your temperature-sensitive shipments. These highly reliable electronic data loggers enable you to make immediate accept or reject decisions, and gain greater visibility into every critical step of your cold chain.

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